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NEED TALENT? Solar Boy specializes in finding top corporate professionals, site managers and field technicians in various industries including Renewable Energy, IT, Finance, Legal and Sales and Marketing.


Results matter... it always does! However it's just as important that the process of going from the starting line to the finish line runs as smooth as humanly possible. Solar Boy believes the secret to his success is... wait, if we tell you that than it won't be a secret. Call him (he promises to tell you)!  


Marc is really excellent to work with. In addition to a delightful personality, he has high professional standards for himself as well. He listens to what I need in a candidate and has gained an excellent understanding of our company culture. Because he has done his homework and is respectful of my and my hiring manager's time, his candidates are always right on the mark.

Marc is an excellent communicator and has outstanding follow up skills. I am not left hanging or wondering what is happening with a particular candidate. He is always on top of each and every position. If I could convince him to join IQAir, I would take him in a moment. I know he would be an asset to any organization.

- Debbie Stein, HR Director, IQAir

Marc Samson by far is one the most genuine people I have had the privilege of interacting with. The amount of effort he puts into his work and client relationships is truly commendable. I am very honored to have been Marc's client, hence why I am giving him one of my highest recommendation!

- Abrar Chowdhury, Field Recruiter, Rite Aid

I've personally known Marc for several years and can attest to his awesome skill set. He does what he says he will do and executes flawlessly. He's a team player with a great entrepreneurial mind. I enjoyed working with him myself and am honored to recommend him to work with anyone else, because recommending him makes me look better!

- Mike Magolnick, CEO, Entrepreneur

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