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Who is Solar Boy?

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Solar Boy's real name is Marc Samson. He is an entrepreneur, marketer, recruiter, writer, connector, helper, uncertified life coach, and a father, husband, son, brother, and other family relationship labels that you can probably figure out yourself. Marc grew up in New City, NY, a suburb Northwest of NYC, where he walked to his elementary school and played (almost) every sport depending on the season. While playing sports was his first passion, earning money was a close second. Marc's first business was owning a Good Humor ice cream route at the age of 16. He learned very quickly that it wasn't just about selling ice cream and candy, it was about showing up at the same time each day and creating a fun and enjoyable experience for all.  

Marc graduated from Tulane University, moved from the Big Easy to the Big Apple and began his career in Sports PR & Marketing. In March, 1992 Marc was recruited by National Media Group and managed several accounts including K-Swiss and NBA sponsors IBM, and Schick. While sitting at his desk, Marc overheard his colleague answer the phone, "...we don't do that. No, we don't do that either." Marc took the call and within a few minutes understood that this was his "Jerry Maguire" moment. With an unrelentless pursuit to "make it happen" Marc wrote and re-wrote the agreements and ultimately negotiated a six-figure deal on behalf of Shaquille O'Neal as well as appearance fees for NBA Head Coaches, Phil Jackson and Brian Hill and video coach Tom Sterner who stuffed Marc's letter in Shaq's hi-tops. A few months later the group arrived in Rio de Janeiro.


Six months later, Marc returned to Rio with Magic Johnson as the country wanted to demonstrate to the International Olympic Committee that they should be awarded the opportunity to host the Summer Olympics. The event was a huge success, Magic was named the tournament MVP and 20+ years later Rio hosted the 2016 Summer Olympics!  

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